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This week, Facebook has announced they are cracking down on what they are calling “engagement bait”.

Essentially, any posts which you create on your Facebook Business Page which say:

“Like this if…”
“Share if you…”
“Vote to…”
“Tag a friend who”

Will now be penalized by Facebook in the newsfeed meaning that fewer people will see them.

What does this mean for you as a savvy small business owner? Ultimately, your content, more than ever has to be excellent.

As a social media strategist, I definitely did use posts like these because I believe a lot of times, online readers need that little nudge and prompt for engagement. It’s the same reason we need “push” and “pull” signs on doors, humans a certain amount of gentle instruction.

Ultimately this is Facebook’s game, we play in it, we learn and we adapt. “Like this if you agree” worked because it prompted an action. Used too much though it can be spammy and that is never something I encourage or advise.

But things like “here’s an article” just aren’t going to cut it in the 2018 social media world.

Here’s some recommendations I have for small businesses worrying about their Facebook engagement with these changes:

  • Ask engaging questions – so you put up a quote. Perhaps you might have said “like if you agree”… well now you have to get a bit more creative. Could you say “what feelings does this quote stir for you?” or “am I right”? These would be great engaging questions to ask which require a little more imagination.
  • Let’s go Video – Video is the new king of social media. It’s the ultimate end game in every medium in human history (video DID kill the radio star) and I believe in 2 years everything on social media will be video. Are you in the video game? If not, you need to get yourself there asap! Facebook absolutely loves video, they will be your new BFF if you get going with creating video on your business page and in your Facebook group if you have one.
  • Create better content – ultimately great content shouldn’t need a bait-y headline, it will do just fine by itself and this is what you need to focus on moving into 2018. What can you do to step up your content game?

Ultimately the social media and small business community is reacting to this algorithm change, but with each change comes improvement in the content we watch and I think we can all agree, that can only be a good thing.

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